June 2024

What to Look for in a Cordless Pole Saw


Planting trees require maintenance. Among all types of maintenance, we often ignore to cut and trim the broken branches and thick limbs of the trees. The main reason is that they are out of reach. Climbing a tree is not always the best idea. So, pruning the unwanted branches and limbs need a pole saw.

Pole Saw

A pole saw is a pole with a chainsaw attached at the top of it. So, you can cut and trim the branches that are way out of reach with it. You are going to stand on the ground and hold the pole where the tree needs trimming. Just a push on the button, and your work is done, risk-free. You haven’t climbed the tree to cut and prune, so no chance of falling and injury.


 You have three different styles- gas powered, electric, and cordless. Here we are going to discuss cordless pole saws. Because in our opinion, to maintain trees of relatively small and medium garden space, a cordless pole is the best. So, let’s check what you should look for in a cordless pole saw.


 A lightweight pole saw is the best cordless pole saw. When you have to hold it high, even a seven-pound pole feels heavy. So, there is no two way about your pole saw being lightweight.

 Height Of The Pole

 Go for the pole saws that allow height adjustment. No one surely knows on which height they need to reach to cut a branch. Neither you buy pole saw often. So, an adjustable height will cover up your height if you are short in stature. You can decrease it if you are too tall. You can reach every possible height of a tree to trim the limbs and branches.


 To cut the branches without putting much effort, you need a powerful machine. The power of the device becomes much essential when you are cutting thicker branches. A pole saw that is not powerful will fail to cut thick branches, will consume, and waste too much time. So, look for a powerful one.

 Bar Length

 Always go for a bar length two inches higher than the branch diameter. But it is not likely to know how thick a branch will be, so eight inches is standard. Avoid going less than that unless you are too sure.


 Cordless means the pole saw is not plugged-in an electric socket. So, the performance of the pole saw wholly depends on its battery. A battery to last for a long time, make sure to choose one with a powerful battery. Not just that, make sure it allows quick charging as well.


 Instead of buying pole saw with a fixed head, go with the ones that are adjustable. You have to prune both vertically and horizontally. A fixed head is not for horizontal cuts.

A good-quality tool makes the toughest of jobs secure and easy. The same applies to cordless pole saws. You do not have to walk with a machine that is plugged in all the time. And you do not have to climb a tree too. It is the safest, thus the best choice for you.

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