July 2024

Top 5 Places for the Ultimate Attractive Tour


There’s some soul freedom when you liberate yourself from your own soils. And this is the reason why travelling is the best way to find peace with your inner demon. You will always hear people saying that we should live in the moment as no one knows what is going to happen with you at the very next moment today.

If you are interested in experiencing what’s a ‘real-life adventure,’ we bring you these ultimate attractive tours for 2020 –

Rafting through Arizona’s Grand Canyon –

When you look down from one of the cliffs here, it almost seems impossible that the serene Colorado River once gave rise to this gargantuan Grand Canyon. According to the local belief, Colorado River took around two billion years to pass through the black, orange, red, and purple strata to give rise to its present appearance.

Location – USA

Try Base Camping –

If you’ve got that adventurous zest within you, this is the time to participate in the 14-day breath-taking adventure to Mount Everest and snooze with your fellow summiteers. It’s a one-of-its-kind adventure where you sleep beneath the shadow of the mighty mountains in India. The best time to take this epic trek is between April and May.

Location – India

Watch the giant turtles swim deep under the waters –

Take a dip with some of the rarest species of the underwater world at the Western Oz’s Ningaloo Reef. Here, you get an opportunity to witness around 500 different marine species. Apart from these, you may even find the presence of three globally popular marine turtle species here – hawksbill, green, and loggerhead.

Location – Australia

Visit the land of Voyages –

Powerful and dangerous, yet the area of Antarctica is undeniably exciting. To make the best out of your Antarctica visit, board on a cruise at the Weddell Sea, and you will be able to locate some of the gorgeously carved icebergs and ice floes. Impressive baleen whales, seals, and penguins dancing to the tunes of frozen water here is a pure delight. Also you can plan a holiday in Egypt with family
Location – Antarctica

Try a new water rappelling adventure –

Call it either water rappelling or abseiling; the thrill of this activity at Costa Rica is nail-biting. You might not feel the fierceness of your adrenaline pumping unless you bounce down from a rock face there. Costa Rica has got many such rappelling sites for every single adventure freak.

Location – Costa Rica

Enjoy your weekend with a Dessert Safari –

A desert safari in Dubai is perhaps something you can’t afford to miss on during your Dubai vacationing period. If you want something more out of your desert safari adventure, you can always club it with a camel ride or dune bashing. Sandboarding, star gazing, sand-skiing, and a hot air balloon ride are some more add-ons.

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