May 2024

What things must you invest in when you play field hockey?


Field hockey is a known sport in the world and the second-biggest team sport of all time. It is familiar to children, students, and adults, but regardless of the team, every hockey player must have vital equipment to get started. You can have the best equipment to use in field hockey games when you buy it from


Playing on a grass field to turf, you must wear good shoes. Field hockey cleats are suitable for outdoor grass fields because they give proper control. You can buy turf shoes that are made for artificial fields. Court shoes are the best to use when playing an indoor type game, where you need to use them to get a good grip.


The stick can be an essential piece in the game. You will find one that will fit right in your height, position, comfort, and level of play. Some processes and recommendations exist for getting the right stick for your needs.

Shin guards

Field hockey shin guards give ankle-to-knee coverage when you play to avoid hitting the stick or ball in your body. You don’t have to expect the same protection from other varieties of shin guards, and you must ensure to buy the ones made for the sport.


An accidental collision and run-in with a fast-moving field hockey ball might occur. A mouthguard will prevent you from getting a complex injury in the event of contact or any unexpected pop-up.

Electrical tape

You can alter your stick to have more protection from damage by wrapping the end stick with electrical tape. You will get a bonus as a new player with ball control.

Stick bag

When you are not using your stick, you can put it in the stick bag, which can be optional, but you need a bag to bring all your gear to the practices and games.

Practice clothes

All the players must have practice clothes to make them comfortable running and maneuvering while they play. A field hockey game is a fall sport where you need clothes for warm and cool weather.


It would help if you used a ball to play field hockey. But, when putting it under personal equipment, too, you need a unique ball to use during practice. As a beginner, you must use a turf ball to approach a regular practice ball. Field hockey balls will be rubber-like, complex, and dense and can travel fast.

Elbow and arms protector

Your body armor will only be complete by using your arm and elbow protector. They will keep your elbow and arms safe if the ball hits you there. But you don’t get it too beat in the areas often, but it is best to be safe than sorry.

You now know the equipment to use, and once you got all the equipment you need, you should be in the field to practice it well. You can be doing something like dribbling or shooting drills, and you must remember to practice well.

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