June 2024

What is a Dedicated Server and Its Importance – Onlive Server


Dedicated servers are the most advanced form of hosting in which the client rents, and has complete control of the server. Therefore, the costs of this type of servers are quite high compared to virtual servers; this is because a dedicated server is used only for one website. These servers are usually rented by companies that require their web applications or their sites.

Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, among others use this type of servers because their presence on the internet is immense; a small or medium business usually goes for a hosting plan on a Cheap Dedicated Server according to their needs.

Why choose a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Among the existing server options, many decide to choose Cheap Dedicated Server. They are usually offered by professional companies that are dedicated to server maintenance and among the options that exist are characterized by their security and stability.

Why to select dedicated servers?

  • Adaptability: By having your own server, you can be sure of having that server even if the website increases the content it offers. Many times when using other types of servers, you must choose another option when it is not functional to the needs of a website that has grown and needs more resources. A Cheap Dedicated Serverallows you to provide everything you need to a web page if it is in its infancy or if it is a site already established on the web. This avoids having to change the established plan or the provider to obtain a more suitable server.
  • Security: A Cheap Dedicated Server works only for the one who hired it, so it is a guarantee of reliability that all the resources are destined to a website only and this avoids problems of operation due to shared use. They allow greater control of security updates and also the hosted files will be kept protected.
  • Increased performance: Hosting the website on a Linux Dedicated Server allows it to function with greater power and speed by having exclusive resources on the server. A dedicated server is not always required for the operation of a website, but if it requires a lot of content and has high levels of traffic, it is the best option for everything to work optimally.

What is better? A dedicated or virtual server

Although the purpose is the same: to host a website; There are several things to consider for each one. If you plan to have a website just to meet the “standards” and not for something “big”, it is recommended to choose a plan from some vpn dedicated server, otherwise, if the planned expansion is large, a dedicated one is recommended.

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The dedicated server has practically no limits (compared to the virtual server), logically it does because it is a fairly powerful computer, but even so, it has some limits, but it is rare when they are seen required.

Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting: Main differences

To decide more clearly between a Windows Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting, the first thing is to know them better separately. As the dating competitions where the offers are varied and to be discarded we must know them separately. For them, this brief definition of each service:

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When we talk about a Germany Dedicated Server we can summarize it in a safe, very reliable service, with an innovative hosting method that is above other hosts. Unlike Cloud Hosting, this service is tangible because they are made up of hardware that hosts our website. It also has capacity and performance resources that are exclusively for the customer’s use. If you have site on dedicated server then you does not share it with anyone and has full autonomy.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting or Cloud VPS makes a big difference with the dedicated server. The main one is that it is a virtual service that is made up of an operating system that runs within several servers. There are storage resources, speed, network and other necessary elements. The interesting thing is that customers who use this method share the equity according to the paid plan.

As they are not physical, they greatly reduce the hardware conflicts experienced by dedicated servers. That is why they are considered failsafe services. They can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection but it is maintained on a good part of computer systems, not all.

Dedicated server benefits

We have a complete and comprehensive control of the server. All the resources that it has and that we can afford will be used in our online business The different hosting services that use the streaming Germany Dedicated Server are cheap (bandwidth, space, capacity, speed, database, among others). It is perfect to deal with high and fluid traffic. The performance level is higher than other systems It is perfect for platforms that implement load balancing and Clustering

Despite these benefits, the dedicated server has some shortcomings that can make you change your mind. They are not severe but they can influence what you are looking for:

Despite being able to increase RAM or storage, they have a limit. To change the CPU it is necessary to change the motherboard. It cannot be scaled quickly

Cloud hosting benefits

It does not require the payment of a server; it is only cancelled for resources to be used. It can be scaled both above and below; it depends on you. It is compatible with the different existing operating systems. It can be considered as unlimited hosting at the storage level initially, its hiring is very affordable

Good advantages offered by Cloud Hosting, however not everything is perfect. Like the dedicated service, it has limitations or deficiencies that we must know:

  • The high cost of SSD disks avoids its expansion.
  • It also has limitations in bandwidth and its price is.
  • An SQL database can be implemented but its cost is higher.
  • Not as profitable as the dedicated one.
  • Not immortal, may be flawed

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