May 2024

Ways to Clear Tree Roots from the Drain Pipes


Believe it or not, tree roots are naturally attracted to sewer lines, despite the fact that they carry a variety of unattractive materials. The water, oxygen, and various nutrients contained within your pipes make them an ideal location for a tree to establish its root system.

An open fracture or loose connection in the pipe will typically allow vapor to escape and condense on chill soil. The tree roots grow towards space that provides moisture and nourishment, trying to force their way into the crevices of the pipe and establishing a permanent residence therein.

They will keep growing, in certain situations, until they have completely filled the pipe. Fortunately, there are methods for treating them properly before they get uncontrollable. With little to no plumbing experience and without the assistance of a professional, you may get things under control. If you decide to take care of this situation on your own, there are a handful of straightforward and reasonably priced choices open to you.

You Can Use Rock Salt To Dehydrate And Kill The Roots

The first approach involves pouring sodium chloride, or rock salt, or copper sulfate, into your toilet tank and flushing it. Pour a half-pound of salt into your toilet bowl and flush as many times to clean out the bowl. Continue this method until you have flushed 2 pounds of salt into your pipes and the bowl is clean. Keep your toilet flushed and any water running that will drain into the impacted pipe for 8 to 12 hours to allow the compound to do its magic.

You Can Prevent the Roots from Growing Again with Foaming Root Killers

Another option is to use a foaming root killer, which is less harsh on your pipes and really helps to prevent root regrowth in the first place. It contains compounds that kills tree roots on contact and then leaves back a residue that discourages any new roots from slithering their way into the plumbing system.

In most cases, if you discover the issues quickly, you must be able to funnel the root killer straight into your toilet, providing you properly follow the product’s directions. This procedure should be repeated at least twice a year to ensure that roots in your sewer system do not become a problem.

You Can Prevent the Problem Before it Starts

While the methods described above for clearing up roots in the sewage pipes are less expensive than hiring a professional firm to handle it for you will avoid the problem from arising in the first place. This is by far the most cost-effective option to you.

If you have any plans to plant anything in the near future, you should first determine where your power lines are located in the yard. In order to avoid worrying about tree roots infiltrating your sewer lines, you can contact Wilco plumbers North Sydney plumber, to determine where new trees should not be planted. When undertaking a landscaping project, choose the trees or plants that have slow rate of growth, and make sure that they are planted away from the plumbing and electricals lines. 10 feet away is considered as a safe distance. That will naturally lessen the chances of roots reaching the water lines.

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