April 2024

The reasons why some businesses require large door mats


The size of your front door should not limit your business’s indoor spaces and air. Door mats that are large and made from either coir or rubber or hybrid mats are readily available. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for stunning styles and designs to fit a wide and extensive application. There’s no need to skimp on mats for floor for your large entrance doors, especially when you can get high-quality, durable items at a reasonable price.

Locations that could make use of big doormats

  • Cinema
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Grocery stores
  • Offices
  • Theme parks
  • Residential complex
  • Retail stores
  • Departmental stores
  • Zoo
  • Stadium for sports
  • Transportation terminus

Large companies like the ones mentioned above experience an ongoing flow of traffic and therefore require a large entrance mats. Ultimate Mats is a reliable online retailer that sells matting for commercial and residential use. The seller is committed to providing affordable, aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective matting.

Why you should use mats that are large for your front door

Matting options for large entrances are specifically designed to be durable and also keep a professional appearance.


Every country has its own share of industrialized factories as well as departmental stores. Thus, a massive entrance mat is the ideal option to put it outside or inside the door’s entryway. It is resistant to water and is designed with a special texture surface.

It’s a fantastic mat for a door that is slip-resistant, particularly in areas that have a lot of snowfall as well as rain. Additionally, there is the eco-friendly coir mat which is textured and very effective to keep the moisture and dirt out of getting into residential or commercial interiors.

Guards flooring in the interior

A lot of visitors do not clean their feet prior to entering the building for business. This is because mud, gravel and dust are able to get inside the structure. These elements can cause a mess or harm the flooring, which might require repair or replacement. An increase in the humidity levels can cause the linoleum flooring or hardwood tile flooring’s surface degrade.

The long entrance mats at the entrance ensure that people traverse the floor and that the dirt stuck to their sandals or shoes are removed. The mat collects dirt near the point of entry and shields the floor from scratches and scratch marks.


The large double doormats constructed from various materials can last for years even in harsh and abrasive conditions. For instance, rubber mats are made from scraps of automobile tires.

The tires of vehicles are made to stand up to the harsh conditions of weather and bumpy roads. Coir mats are made of coconut fibres. Coconut trees have an inherent capacity to handle extreme weather and storms coming from the ocean or the sea.

Professional appearance

Each large double doormat that you pick has different designs and patterns. It is possible to have them personalized with your custom logo door mats. It is possible to choose from vinyl, rubber, and Coir, but there’s a different carpet option. It is great for mats for entryways and is slip-resistant, suitable for use in security applications. It can be used with an appealing matting pattern to make an eye-catching central feature.

Large doormats are a great option to put in the offices with large traffic volumes and a large entrance!

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