June 2024

The Main Differences between Natural and Cultured Pearls


Pearls are unique in nature and they are the most desired gemstones and you obtain them from the sea. Pearls provide lustrous beauty and do not need cutting or polishing. Pearl jewellery is always in demand and it offers you style and elegance.

Kokichi Mikimoto revolutionised the pearl industry with his cultured pearls. These Mikimoto pearls are considered as the pearls of legends.

Creation of Natural Pearls

The main difference between natural and cultured pearls is in terms of their creation. Natural pearl is formed when an irritant accidentally enters inside the oyster’s soft tissue muscle. This irritant can be sea water, sand or dust. It triggers the oyster’s defence mechanism and starts producing layers of secretions (nacre) and it gradually develops into a pearl. With natural pearls, the nacre forming process occurs in the sea without human interference

Creation of Cultured Pearls

Pearl farmers who do pearl cultivation physically insert an irritant inside the soft tissue of the oyster and this leads to the formation of layers of nacre naturally. Human interference is needed for the formation of nacre in cultured pearls.

Benefits of Cultured Pearls vs. Natural Pearls

  • Same pearl quality – Cultured pearls provide same pearl quality as natural pearls which lead to the production of high-quality gems.
  • Low cost of pearl – As you know natural pearls are rare and are much expensive whereas cultured pearls are produced on farms and they are less expensive.
  • Safe – To fulfil the desire of finding natural pearls, the pearl divers suffered a lot of injuries but in the case of cultured pearls there is no risk as they are cultivated in farms.
  • More styles of pearl jewellery – It is a known fact that natural pearls are very rare. So, you can have maximum style in pearl jewellery in an affordable range with the help of cultured pearls.


 The above-mentioned points are some of the differences between natural and cultured pearls. However, you need to know that cultured pearls provide the same elegance, quality and lustre as the natural pearls.

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