July 2024

Thailand Rice Company Expanding More of Its Local Market


It’s normal for a Thailand rice company to plan out expanding in the local market. This is also after a successful introduction of ingredients portfolio and rice-based products overseas. Rice-based products often include ingredients while they are processed and packaged effectively. The main focus is always on the export. The goal is more on exerting effort in conquering the market locally.

Among the major markets targeted by Thailand rice company for expansion are: Europe, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The company is one-hundred percent export-oriented. The business is focused more on rice being the major agricultural product of Thailand. Plus, it brings about a lot of benefits that sets it different from the rest.

The concept emphasized is about putting years of experience with rice and value-added initiatives. This way, natural and high nutrition is delivered following the content of rice.

The main active ingredient of gamma oryzanol is found in rice. This helps in lowering bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol, and helping with brain function. This controls blood sugar and protects the body against non-communicable diseases. This does its best in increasing the GABA levels in the brain and many more.

Introducing More Rice Products

Thailand rice company finds a way to introduce more rice products that include rice milk, rice grains such as the Red ant and hugpun, rice spreads cereal drink mix powders, rice oils, instant porridges, pastes, various flour types.

The rice products are also allergen-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free. They also are free from hexane ingredients for oils. These oils have hexane being a by-product brought about by normal hot-processing. This is also utilized for the goal of extraction. The rice products are labeled clean before being exported to the United States.

Traceability and Sustainability Increasing Areas of Focus

Traceability and sustainability are also on the increasing areas of focus for a Thailand rice company. This is also considering the demands of consumers. Many customers are asking for some traceability capabilities. This is because they want to know where the rice is coming from. They also reacted to this by offering a solution tagging the materials with the QR codes.

And since issues about glycaemic index and non-communicable diseases keep on rising, Thailand rice company is finding a way to provide people with more education. This is considering the benefits of gamma-oryzanol and whole grain rice. That way, rice products are as promoted as an essential source of good carbohydrates.

Thailand is truly an attractive country for investment. An excess of available and quality raw materials is also observed. This includes Thai natural seasonings and rice products. They ensure sustainability in the manufacturing of foods. This also ensures sustainability in the manufacturing of foods.

The GDP level of Thailand is growing to have a figure that reaches up as high as 450-billion dollars or 14.7 trillion Baht. This also continues to 439-billion dollars just in 2017. That’s why Thai consumers are becoming health-conscious more than ever. This normally affects the way a Thailand rice company thinks about its product offerings.

The infrastructure development is continuing more in the country. The national election conducted is also one positive factor in the fast-moving of consumer goods in Thailand. Things just keep growing better and bigger.

More healthy rice products will be introduced via modern and traditional trade channels. This is as they have claimed to have ten-percent fat and free from gluten ingredients. A Thailand rice company to find will be willing to spend fifty-million baht in promoting newer products. This is also by using various marketing and media activities. The domestic sales will make up 514 million baht and will export 1.15 billion baht!

Indeed, Thailand rice company has a brighter future ahead expanding more of its local market!

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