May 2024

Popular Environmental Maintenance Products from Kinloch Equipment & Supply Inc.


Kinloch Equipment & Supply Inc. is a leading world-class company with a wide selection of equipment and products. Their primary mission is to deliver valuable and functional equipment geared towards environment maintenance. Moreover, they are not only concerned about the environment alone but also invest their expertise towards the safety of users.

As such, the company delivers some of the safest and renowned products that are user-friendly and functional. Besides, their equipment collection comes from global companies whose products they had used before and unanimously agreed that they are indispensable and deliver quality results.

When it comes to selling their products, Kinloch Equipment & Supply Inc. sells new and used products altogether. Featuring some of the most original and versatile products today, the company works to bring what clients love most. On the used products, they are not necessarily old as per se as they feature equipment that has been in use for as little as countable hours. Since they have experts with full knowledge of such machinery pieces, they maintain and revive faulty ones.

For anyone who wishes to rent equipment for any purpose, the company offers such exclusive packages. Whether a client wants to hire for a short time, extended period, or reasons that may include urgency, emergency, or just any other thing, rest assured they will find equipment to save the day. All cases in perspective, below are some of the famous brand equipment under their roof. It is also important to note that these are not all; clients can visit Kinloch Equipment & Supply Inc.’s website for more information.

Crosswind-Model FSX-Airport Sweepers

Airport sweepers need to achieve top performance on the runway. The Elgin Crosswind FSX’ Fast Sweeping Crosswind’ cleans at higher sweeping speeds on runways and features a turbocharged auxiliary engine and a unique pickup head and impeller capable of incredible suction power at higher rates. These sweepers include options such as heavy duty caster wheels for the pickup head and a powerful lateral side air blast.

Pelican Broom Sweeper

The Elgin Pelican broom sweeper is a three-wheel mechanical sweeper based on one of the original street sweeper designs. The previous model has been continuously improved since 1914, meeting the highest sweeper standards. Maneuverability, economy, serviceability, and single lane dumping with a sweep system that easily handles heavily compacted dirt and bulky debris are all features of the Elgin Pelican. 

Whirlwind-Truck Mounted Vacuum Sweeper

Looking for a truck-mounted vacuum sweeper with outstanding quality, high performance, and built to rigorous sweeper standards? The Elgin Whirlwind combines a proven low maintenance design with an extra-wide sweeping path and a short wheelbase. Whirlwind sweepers offer a pickup performance and flexibility that allows users to select one nozzle or two, and 28″ (711 mm) or 36″ (914 mm) side brooms for a maximum sweep path of 12′ (3658 mm).

Elgin Eagle-Waterless Dust Control Sweeper

Have a limited water supply or need to sweep year-round in all weather conditions? They are excellent in usages that may involve sweep in an industrial application where the use of water is reactive with the compounds to be swept – like cement?  

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