June 2024

How much should you take for the shrooms?


Magic mushrooms are considered psychedelics because they consist of two active hallucinogenic compounds, psilocin and psilocybin. They bind to the brain receptors and cause sensory and visual distortion. Magic mushrooms have now been linked to several global studies on support to treat people’s mental health issues that they are facing in their lives. The procedure of micro-dosing magic mushrooms makes consuming small doses of the psychedelics.

This process is becoming more famous every day, and it is not only for people facing the problem of anxiety and depression. The help of reports enhancing creativity, productivity, mood, and focus ultimately creates interest in everyone trying to enhance their careers. It also helps to uplift their life and work balance. If you are facing depression and anxiety problems, you can use psilocybin mushrooms under the guidelines. Moreover, if you want to enhance work productivity, you need the shrooms from the dealer, or you can grow them at your house.

How much the beginner takes the shroom?

How many shrooms should I take? There are specific guidelines for beginners about the dose of shrooms. Now we are going to discuss the facts of doses step by step:


The beginner should take a dose of 0.1 to 0.5 grams. It is taken by beginners when they start the therapeutic treatments. This dose should not create a high effect. It should use only for the serotonin-binding effects that are useful for the longer term.

Low dose

The beginner should take the 1-gram to 10mg dose of psilocybin. The individuals face euphoria and increment of all senses instead of feeling completely outside their body.

Medium dose

Individuals face the effects of hallucinogenic that are sensory or visual and have a strong feeling of euphoria. The beginner should take 1.75grams or 17.5mg dose of psilocybin.

High dose

The newcomers should take 3.5grams or 35mg of the psilocybin dose. Various sensory distortions and strong visuals may use synesthesia(blending of the senses).

Heroic dose

This dose brought a strong mushroom experience to the individual. The individual takes 5 grams or 50 mg of the psilocybin dose. It consists of becoming outside of your body, losing control, and facing ego death.


When we think, How many shrooms should I take?Then it is suggested to take a small dose at the very initial level. From it, the user can move upwards. It is impossible to judge every person in how they react after taking a dose.

Because there are different factors, you cannot learn about every person’s reaction, so consuming a small dose is the best approach for you.

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