April 2024

How do you prevent potential damage to your home appliances?


It is often underestimated the amount of danger or hazard that happens when you do not take care of the energy that is being supplied to the home appliances. There are quite a few home appliances that are quite sensitive to the power fluctuations and hence you need to be extra careful while you are plugging in or plugging off the appliance. Most of the damages occur due to electricity fluctuations, especially refrigerators and TV.

Your coffeemaker, smart water cooler, hair-dryer, oven, refrigerator, or the other electronic appliances such as TVs also run on electricity. It is your duty to keep the appliances in check. Otherwise, you need to alert the home appliance repair personnel for any kind of shortcomings or mishaps.


Having a proper connection to your home appliances is quite important. This will ensure that there is no potential damage to your home appliances. In this society, we are getting increasingly used to smart home appliances that cannot run without electricity. Hence, make sure you have a backup if there are frequent power cuts in your area.

If you are having proper electricity at home, it is better because it is of paramount importance for the appliances to run on enough energy supply. Though some high-efficiency appliances do not consume too much power, it is better to always have continuous electricity supply.

Having an electricity stabilizer

If there is any kind of voltage fluctuations, the most affected would be the refrigerators and TV. Hence, have a stabilizer at home so that these fluctuations do not affect the appliances. To ensure that you do not call the appliance repair servicemen frequently, make sure that there are not many voltage fluctuations.

Taking frequent safety measures could help the case, which is to avoid any kind of potential damages to your home appliances. Make sure that there are no short circuits, or energy overload, or simple spikes in the voltages. The voltage spikes can happen because of the solar energy panels in your home. So, ensure that if you aren’t using the conventional source of electricity.

It is also wise to keep a surge regulator which provides you protection against lightning and strikes. This surge regulator will also make sure that you receive an uninterrupted power supply for the appliances.

Keep Water Away From Electricity

Remember that water and electricity do not mix. Also, plug the appliances into the GFCI wall sockets as much as possible. If that is not possible for some cases, then go for power strips. Keep away all the food crumbs or dust from the appliances. The more you keep them away, the lesser you need to clean the appliances.

If at all you have a fuse that keeps going away or a circuit that keeps on tripping, you might get a shock if you touch the appliances. So be careful while handling the appliances especially as there is a history of power fluctuations. If this happens regularly, it is better to call the appliance repair personnel to repair this and find a solution for it as soon as possible. Do not take chances if it involves the electricity of the appliances. This is a golden point to keep in mind that water and electricity do not mix at all. So if you drop water on the plug point of the appliance, it is sure to get spoilt. Keep water away from the plug point where your appliance is drawing electricity from.


There are some precautions that you can keep to avoid problems, even after that if you get any issues you can call for an appliance repair service.

Always remember to switch off the appliances when not in use. This will save you from any kind of problem and also save your electricity bill. Of course, you should not switch off the refrigerator or the ones that need to run 24X7. You should seek affordable electricity plans with low rates from electricity providers like New Power Texas that don’t include gimmicks that make your bill more considerable than you thought since your refrigerator and air conditioner are two of the hardest-working appliances in your house and account for the bulk of a home’s energy consumption. There are quite a lot of home appliances that are a little bit sensitive to fluctuations like TV or PCs.

This is because they contain quite a lot of coils which is why they can be a little sensitive to power fluctuations. Always get an appliance that has a high energy saving rating. Practice a little healthy chord hygiene. You will always find the UL symbol on all approved appliances and tools.

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