June 2024

Hilarious Telugu comedy movie first-day first show on aha


 There is a hilarious Telugu comedy movie that you can watch on aha. If you are a fan of Telugu comedy movies, then you will want to watch the hilarious Telugu comedy movie, “First Day First Show”, on aha. This movie will surely leave you in stitches with its funny dialogue and slapstick comedy. To watch more Telugu online movies, check out the aha OTT platform.

  • “First Day First Show”

The title of the movie itself says a lot about the movie. The story follows a teenage kid who is a hard-core fan of Pawan Kalyan sir, and he wants his movie tickets for the first day first show; in the middle of all this rush, his crush Laya asks about the upcoming movie “Khushi” tickets. Make an impression on Laya; Sreenu is now doing everything possible to get tickets. Did he succeed in getting tickets or not? To find the answer, you need to watch this Hilarious Telugu comedy movie first-day first-show on aha.

  • The Telugu OTT platform aha

aha is a Telugu streaming platform that offers many Telugu movies and shows. aha is known for its wide range of comedy movies and has a great selection of Telugu comedy movies. aha is also known for its fresh and unique content. Watch aha for the Latest Telugu comedy movies that will keep you entertained for hours. aha offers a vast collection of comedy films that will make you laugh. From classic comedy films to new releases, aha has something for everyone.

  • Why does the audience want to watch the first-day first show?

The experience of watching a movie on the big screen is unmatched, and the first day of the first show is the best time to watch a movie. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. The audience is also more forgiving on the first day and is more likely to overlook any flaws in the movie. Overall, the first-day first show is a special experience for every movie lover and is an important event for the film industry.

Get entertained on aha. 

The movie is a family entertainer and will surely tickle your funny bone. The movie is a must-watch for all fans of Telugu comedy movies. You can search on aha comedy movies Telugu for more comedy movies. So, if you’re looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, “First Day First Show” is worth checking out!

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