June 2024

Do’s and Don’t while gluing the PVC piping


If you are working on polyvinyl chloride piping or PVC piping, you may have certain questions in mind. You need to choose a proper sealant, type of glue application, time for the work, speed of the work,etc for the project. Read on to know more about PVC piping and how to glue them.

How does it work?

Generally, a special type of adhesive is available in the market. One needs to apply the adhesive on the edge of one pipe, and it starts melting that edge quickly. Now the fitter needs to place the other end of another pipe on it. Now the glue will make this second pipe end melt too. Once they are joined, within a few minutes, the glue will start hardening and end up making a firm joint through which even air cannot pass! This is the basic type of joining the ends of PVC pipes for different projects in residential as well as commercial buildings. Now, you need to know the Do and Don’ts involved with this procedure.

Do a proxy fit

You are working with adhesives, and if put in the wrong way, you cannot open it without harming the base material. So, before applying the glue, please check the fit of the pipes properly. Keep all the ends marked properly before applying the glue to it. Visit here to know more about the products available in the market.

Don’t be late

You are working with a very adhesive type of glue, and if not worked quickly, it will dry out. There will be no use of it if it gets air-dried. So, try to work faster and never leave the work in between. You have a few seconds merely before it gets dried. So, work faster, and you can easily complete the installation.

Do choose the glue wisely

Different types of PVC pipes are available in the market. Different types of glue are also available in the market. As a plumber or fitter, you need to know which type of glue you are going to require for the project you are dealing with now. Do not choose the wrong type of glue as this cannot work properly, and the whole setup will be messy.

Don’t keep the ends rough

When you cut the PVC pipe according to your design, the end of the cut won’t be smooth as butter. It will be jagged as the material tends to be like that. But if you do not clear off the ends, it will not be good for the design. You may seal the pipe end smoothly, but the jagged material will make the pipe clog, and you cannot open it to clear the path. So, it is better to clean the ends before putting a sealant or glue on them.

Do give it enough time to set

After you have applied adhesive to the end of the pipe and fit two pipes together, you need to hold it for another one minute or so. But after you release the pipes, do not work again on them for the next 20- 25 minutes. The glue needs to be set properly, and for that, you have to give it some time. Visit here and choose the perfect sealant for your project.

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