May 2024

5 Things To Do To Make Your Commercial Kitchen Run Smoothly


Running a successful hotel is not an easy thing. There is a lot that needs to be done to ensure that both your employees and customers are satisfied. As such, before groundbreaking, you need to have a few things in mind. Besides the overall aesthetics of the hotel, the kitchen plays a vital role in the hotel business. Perhaps, the kitchen is actually the most important facet in the hotel business, and for this reason, it is imperative to ensure that it runs smoothly. By going through this read, you will equip yourself with more information on how your hotel kitchen can be more effective.

1. Hire the right staff

First things first, you want to hire the right kitchen staff. Do your due diligence and find kitchen personnel who have the much-needed expertise for the job. You want to find the chefs who will prepare the best meals for your customers. While conducting the interviews, ensure that you find out more about their specifications as well as their experience. For even better results, you can ask the potential employees to prepare a meal which will be a benchmark to choosing the best fit for the job. So much so, you should select staff with good personalities given that customer service is the backbone of the hotel business.

2. Buy quality kitchen equipment

Kitchensare very busy spaces, and one of the ways you can make your chefs’ work easier is by buying quality kitchen equipment such as rice cookers, a roller grill crepe maker, and a commercial oven, to mention a few. Having the right equipment in your kitchen improves efficiency in the hotel; meals will be able to be prepared and served much faster.

3. Listen to your employees

Your employees play a significant role in running the hotel; for this reason, it is vital to listen to their views and opinions. You can schedule a meeting with them at least once or twice a week to find out how they feel about their jobs. The fact that they are the ones who are always around the hotel means that they may have insight on somethings that you wouldn’t really know about. Employees who feel like their opinions matter will be motivated to do their best at all times.

4. Have employee training programs

The hotel industry is ever-evolving; while you might be having the best chefs in your hotel, regular training is essential. Ensure your employees are up to date with the current trends and are trained continuously on how to prepare meals, various safety measures in the kitchen, how to relate with the customers, and so on. Having the employee training is an excellent way to ensure that all of them are on the same page hence improving teamwork.

5. Reward your employees

Lastly, reward your employees. Evaluate their performance from time to time and reward them accordingly. This will, in turn, keep them motivated as they know that their efforts are being appreciated.

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