June 2024

Top 5 Players of Australia


Talent has its own way of rewarding its ardent followers. Australia has had a good number of cricket players in history. But the under listed displayed an excellent skill with features that made them stand out. They are as follows:

David Warner

He was an exceptional player who managed to challenge the Australian history. He happened to be the very first one in his county to have been selected in the National team without any experience in the first-class cricket. One of the most destructive strikers in world cricket, David Warner opens for Australia in all three formats. In 2015, he was named vice-captain to Steven Smith in the Test and ODI sides. As per the records the batsman is quite aggressive and has several verbal spats with other cricketers and journalists.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith the captain of Australian cricket team, was born on 2nd June 1989. His excellent performance has helped him to be promoted as captain across all three teams where he plays. He is a batsman who has reached a rating of 941. This test striking rate has made himthe number five in ICC Test rankings. The excitement of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Live will never be complete without his name. He was thus named the ICC cricketer of the year in 2015.

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starcwas born on 20th January 1990. He is an outstanding cricketer whose recognition became unavoidable back in the year 2015 when Australia won the World Cup. He was named man of the tournament. In the year 2016, he broke the record of the fastest reigning cricketer when he got 100 wickets in 52 innings. The previous champion had 100 wickets in 53 innings.

Glen Maxwell

Glen Maxwell is an Australian cricketer who was bought at a price of $1 million by the Mumbai Indians in 2013. This was because of the record he had set in 2011 when he scored 50 runs off 19 balls. With this performance, he broke the record of half a century. His super-performance in all three formats of the game allowed him to join the 13 outstanding cricketers. He also excelled in all the three formats.

Moises Henriques

Moises Henriquesis an Australian cricketer born on 1st February 1987 in Portugal. He was named an all-rounder in T-20 matches. This player is worth looking out for in the ICC Champions Trophy Live streaming. He entered the national under 19 cricket team at the age of 19 and proved his skill worth the pitch right from the start. In the year 2005, he was in U-19 team that played India and he managed to stand out with a unique record.

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