June 2024

Top 5 Best Android News App For Indians In 2021


News is essential for human life as it helps us in staying content with the outer world. It helps the population of a nation to be updated with the happenings not in the country but across the world. There was a time when only newspapers and a single channel on television used to be the only source of media. Today, we have lots of news apps and plenty of online websites and news channels providing accurate information in various Indian languages.

Before the advancement of science and technology, people had to wait for a specific time to view the news. On the other hand today we have plenty of information available on different channels on TV and the internet. As there are plenty of different types of tools available to read news people are now confused in finding the best way of exploring news. We will be discussing the top 5 best android news app in India. We will also discuss the best news app in Hindi.


The official app of NDTV is available on the Google play store. Moreover, it must be a first-choice news app for all the people who love to follow India’s largest news agency. The app provides the best news about Bollywood, politics, sports, and elections. You can also explore the trending local and international news on this app. The app also provides an airplay option alongside video telecast options. You can also watch the latest coverage from the official NDTV channel.

2. The Times Of India

You can hunt the app on the Google play store in the name of The Times of India Newspaper. The Times of India Newspaper is one of the best-selling newspapers in the country. The app provides accurate news not only from India but from all around the globe. You can also get realistic images related to the incidents and you can also get video options in the application. Similar to NDTV The Times Of India Newspaper app also covers various categories like sports, politics, election, cricket, lifestyle, and much more interesting stuff.

3. Daily Hunt

The Daily Hunt news app bags third place in our list of the ultimate countdown of the top five best Hindi news apps in India. Well, a small fact we would like to share is the app was previously known as news hunt which only a few of the fans connected with the app must be aware of the name change. The app will always come on the list every time when we discuss the best news apps in India. Moreover, the app covers news in 10+ languages and is one of the best apps available on the android play store.

4. Inshorts

We can give this app 9/10 for its innovative approach of providing news content within 60 words. The idea of providing news in short and crisp sentences makes this app quite comfortable for updates. The app also provides a personalization option to users where they can select their favorite topics. The app would later provide them feeds based on the user’s interest. Inshorts also provides news in various native languages.

5.Dainik Bhaskar

There is no doubt that the Dainik Bhaskar news app is the leading news app in the country because of its accurate Hindi news and easy user interface. The app provides an ad-free user experience where the developers have keenly focused on the Hindi language. You can also read the Dainik Bhaskar e-paper which is the free digital version of the Dainik Bhaskar digital newspaper. The app also provides a video streaming option where users can watch the news in the form of video content. The app is very well optimized and is the best app available on the play store.

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