July 2024

Managing commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance


Commercial refrigerators are very important in a kitchen. They help to keep the food cool and remain fresh for a longer time. A broken fridge or a maintenance issue of a refrigerator requires immediate attention and repair. If refrigerators are maintained well, repairs can be avoided.  Keep the refrigerator clean and well-maintained. Failing to do so would keep the fridge at potential risk of damage. Routine maintenance and cleaning reduce health risks associated with equipment that is unclean. It can also increase the life of the refrigerator. Seek the help of Industrial Refrigeration Systems for the best outcome.

Glycol refrigeration systems

Glycol Refrigeration Systems are very reliable for cold storage in comparison to traditional coolants. It consists of an outdoor chiller with glycol linked to the indoor blast coolers by which glycol that has a low temperature and safe for food is circulated. It is more beneficial when compared to a traditional direct expansion system. This system is easy to install and repair with no specific and expensive refrigeration skills required.

Advantages of glycol refrigeration systems:

  • Reduces system refrigerant volumes
  • No leak of refrigerant in cold space
  • Outdoor chillers would have smaller quantities of refrigerants
  • Lower service and maintenance costs
  • System can be easily extended, repositioned or expanded

Benefits of hiring commercial refrigeration repair companies

More priority to safety: Commercial fridge owners should not try and repair the fridge by themselves. If there is an issue with the heating system or the air conditioner, it’s best not to mess with the complicated wires and connectors. If at all during the course of repairing, if a minor mistake is made, it may end up hurting either personnel or damage the equipment. A safer option is to hire commercial refrigeration company personnel.

Experienced service: Hiring commercial refrigeration company personnel who are experienced provide high quality in service. Professionals can help to fix the appliance as an emergency service. Timely fixing of the issue prevents spoiling of food inside the appliance.

Increased lifespan of the appliance: Company technicians can easily identify an issue with a refrigeration system and can help fix the issue easily. When issues are fixed on a timely basis, the appliance will last longer.

Steps to maintain commercial refrigeration equipment:

Avoid molds and contaminated ice: Neglecting the refrigerator or commercial chilling equipment may cause accumulation of dirt and mold. So it’s always a good idea to schedule a day for refrigeration maintenance experts to perform a thorough cleaning of the unit.

Reduce energy bills: Proper and timely maintenance of refrigeration units can save almost 10 percent on energy costs even when the unit is at its peak performance. As condenser coils turn dirty, the equipment would consume more energy to run to maintain the temperature inside the unit.

Perform a thorough cleaning: While seeking help of an expert to clean the refrigerator unit, ensure that the equipment is cleaned by performing the following tasks:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check insulation
  • Test condensation lines
  • Clean the fan and fan blades and check the fan motor
  • Lubricate door handles and hinges
  • Clear debris drain lines
  • Check for loose connections or wires
  • Examine for air leaks, holes or cracks
  • Calibrate thermometers and inspect defrost settings and temperature
  • Clean the entire ice making components

Assess the ice making filters

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