July 2024

Emile Haddad Seattle Discusses the Major Highlights of the City


The beautiful city of Seattle is surrounded by evergreen forests, mountains and water bodies, and features many acres of grassland. It additionally is the largest city of the Washington State. Emile Haddad Seattle mentions that there are a number of interesting and engaging activities found in the city in which both its residents and visitors can engage in.

Emile Haddad Seattle points out the best things to see in the city

Seattle is the biggest city present in the Pacific Northwest and houses a number of public parks.  Here people can find the colossal mass of Mount Rainier, and catch a glimpse of the most prominent peak of the US. Emile Haddad Seattle underlines that there are a number of interesting establishments present in the city that people should definitely engage in.

Here are some of the top things to do in Seattle:

  • Pike Place Market: The history of the incredible Pike Place Market dates back to 1907. At this prominent market people can find stalls for seasonal and permanent produce, fish markets, as well as a number of specialty food stores. Here people can also find a number of incredible places to eat. While walking by the Pike Place Market people can surely smell the incredible aroma of baking bread.
  • Space Needle: This grand statue was built for the World Fair of 1962. Over the years, the 605-foot-tall Space Needle has become the icon of the Seattle city and is now recognized by people around the country. From the top of the Seattle Center people can enjoy beautiful views of the Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains, and the Elliott Bay.
  • Seattle Center Monorail: Like the Space Needle, this is also a World Fair relic. The Seattle Center Monorail is renowned for linking the Seattle Center to the West lake Center of downtown.
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet: Anyone fond of music and dance should surely choose to witness the performance of the renowned Pacific Northwest Ballet. Their shows are usually hosted at the McCaw Hall of the Seattle Center. People can watch a number of classical and modern shows here.
  • Seattle Art Museum: This is the largest museum of the city that dates back to the 1930s. This museum features an expansive collection of artwork that spans multiple geographic regions and eras. When visiting this place, people should try to take out time to visit the Olympic Sculpture Park.
  • Central Public Library: This library is incredibly famous for its distinct architecture. The Central Public Library boasts of having enough glass to cover around five football stadiums.
  • Smith Tower: Build in the year of 1914, this is the first skyscraper of the city. To get to the top of this grand skyscraper people have to have to ride its historic elevators that are operated manually, and them go up to its 35th-floor observatory. From this observatory, people can enjoy 360-degree views of the nearby areas.

Emile Haddad Seattle mentions that other than the landmarks mentioned above, visiting the Washington State Ferries, Museum of Flight and Wood in ville Wine Country can be a great idea for people.

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