June 2024

Different Types of Jobs That Don’t Require a College Education


Have you recently been thinking about changing your career but aren’t interested in going to college? Many people make comfortable livings with jobs that don’t require college degrees. Especially for people who love to work with their hands, there are plenty of professions out there. But despite the fact, it turns out that working after graduating from high school / vocational school is a must that is taken, whether to support the family’s economy or an effort to realize the ideals of continuing college later. Even though you have completed your education, you still need to always hone your skills and abilities well in a particular field. Even for things you haven’t learned in school days though. So that it can be of added value when you apply for a job.If you aren’t afraid of a little bit of hands-on training, then there are a few different jobs you could do.

Install Large Appliances

When you’re at home in your kitchen, take the time to notice all of the appliances installed in your cooking area. To make sure everything works correctly and fits into the cabinetry, it takes a trained professional to perform this work. These kinds of workers don’t need a college education, but they do require some on-the-job training. If this type of profession interests you, then you could consult with a company that provides services like dishwasher installation Washington DC.

Be a Cashier

Every place that sells goods to the public needs people to perform those sales transactions. Cashiers are very important people in companies because they work one-on-one with the customers. Some companies require their cash handlers to have a high school diploma, but it’s not a requirement to have a college degree for this kind of job.

Work as a Receptionist

If you’ve ever called an office and been greeted by a front desk receptionist, then you can understand what this kind of job entails. Receptionists have to be organized and speak well on the telephone. This position rarely requires any education outside of a high school degree. If you have basic math skills and can perform average computer tasks, then this position would work for you.

There are many positions that people can get without going to college. Taking the time to ask different companies might yield you some good information.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most popular jobs for high school graduates. Although most companies tend to employ women, a number of companies also provide equal opportunities to men.

Broadly speaking, customer service staff are tasked with handling various complaints, including matters relating to corporate clients. Although it may seem trivial, this job requires patience, high focus, and extensive knowledge.

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