April 2024

Common Problems Related to Google Maps – My Business


How do I delete my Google account, business, or reviews? It is a very frequent question that I receive and it is not completely easy to answer since there are many nuances that must be taken into account.

Interestingly, elimination is rarely the correct answer. On the contrary, it is necessary to take into account other options to properly manage your business in Google’s My Business while not ending up damaging your company.

When it comes to managing your SEO agency in UAE on Google My Business, it’s not just about following a set of instructions. In each scenario in which you find yourself, for that particular reason, As an SEO specialist decided to draft this post in which all the usual cases in which people usually want to delete either the account, the company, reviews, or photos are gathered. So that those opinions you don’t like disappear or to totally forget about My Business.

I hope it is helpful and if you feel a bit overwhelmed about which option to choose, do not hesitate to contact me as I will be happy to help you.

Unsubscribe Google My Business from a verified business

How to delete a page from Google my Business. In this case, you have a business in your Google My Business panel and you no longer want to control it for whatever reason.

  • Log in to your My Business / My Business dashboard.
  • Select the business
  • In the Actions menu, choose: Remove location.

Don’t worry: this step DOES NOT delete your Google account. You will still be able to check your emails or your photos. You will simply stop controlling it. In fact, the business will continue to appear on Google Maps, Search, and other Google products. There is no possibility to erase it completely with this option. In fact, even if you delete it, there are ways to do it, anyone could re-register it.

Doing so will give you a warning message of all the implications that it entails. Please read it carefully. But the important thing you should know is to unsubscribe from Google My Business, the business will continue online but you will no longer control it. If you want to manage it again in the future, you will have to verify it again.

How to delete a Google My Business account

The account as such cannot be deleted, what you can do is stop managing the businesses by diversifying them. Leaving the possibility that anyone with rights over the company can verify the business. That way nothing will appear on the panel anymore. With this action you will not delete the business from Google Maps, it will only proceed to delete the Google My Business tab.

Verify a business that is not verified to manage it

If you want to claim an SEO Community in Google my Business that nobody controls, this is your option. How to know if the business is managed by someone? When searching for the business, you will see that the option to verify the business appears with the message  “Claim this company” and thus you can claim ownership of Google My Business.

Just follow the normal verification process outlined by Google.

Once you have verified the company, check that the information is correct and if not, modify it.

Take control of a business that someone has already verified

You have to take control of a Digitalmarketing listing that someone has already verified. In order to claim a property in Google my Business, the message “Claim this business” must appear on Google Maps, otherwise, someone already has it in their possession.

  • Contact Google through these steps
  • Google will contact the current owner
  • If Google doesn’t receive a response from the owner within a week, you can verify that Google my Business account with your business.

On paper, it seems easy but sometimes it is not the case. For example, I know a case where the former owner has been able to show rights to the business. A former employee who has access to the email with the company’s domain and is used to verify it. So be careful.

Duplicate Google My Business addresses in a physical business

Your business serves clients in a fixed location (for example, a retail store, restaurant, or legal office). While searching, you find that there is more than one token that represents the company, either in its current location, in an incorrect location, or in a previous location. For that reason, it is necessary to know how to remove a location in Google MyBusiness through a merge.

  • If the address exactly matches the correct and current business address you should contact Google to request that they merge the two tabs into one.
  • If the address contains an error and the business never existed there, use the “Suggest an edit” link in Google Maps, toggle the yes / no switch to “yes” and choose the “Never existed” radio button.
  • If the address is one that the company has used in the past, see the section on business moving.

Claim a token with duplicate addresses for a service area business

Duplicate Google My Business addresses are always a major problem. If your company serves customers at their locations (say, a locksmith, landscaper, or cleaning service) and you find that your file is duplicated.

Once you have verified the duplicate listing, contact Google to request that the two tabs are merged into one.

Remember that Google rules require you to keep the addresses of the service area cards hidden.

Manage a listing for a multi-professional business

I mean a business that has multiple partners (let’s say a law firm or medical office). You discover multiple tokens for a specific partner, or for partners who no longer work there, or for a partner who has passed away.

Unfortunately, Google will not remove listings for partners who are currently employed by the company.

If the member no longer works there, contact the former employee to move the file to the new address. If the relationship ended badly then you have to contact Google to request that they designate the file as “moved” (like when a company moves) to the address of the office/clinic, not the new address of the partner. * See notes a little further down.

If, unfortunately, a partner has passed away, contact Google to show them an obituary.

If the listing is not verified, then Google may mark a previous partner’s listing as removed in the second scenario. In an ideal situation, your old partner may verify it for you, at least try to convince them to update the listing with the details of their new location as a last resort. Unfortunately, this second option is far from ideal, but today it is the only possible option.

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