May 2024

Brennan & Clark on How to Deal With Collection Calls


A debt collector, or collection agency as they are also recognized, is a company that pursues debts on behalf of creditors. These agencies utilize a number of methods to get you to pay your debts which may include letters, phone calls, and in some cases, lawsuits that may result in asset seizure or wage garnishments.

Brennan & Clark talks about how to deal with collection calls and avoid getting ripoff

Brennan & Clark offers customized receivables support solutions that get rid of credit losses. Established in the year 1980 this agency is located in Villa Park. Illinois. The company has been a leader in the collection industry. Their viewpoint is clear-cut which is that how can it be done better.

It is important to note that debt can be both an influential tool and a horrifying devil. While having some debt can be handled easily but having too much debt can be devastating. Listed below are some of the tips that can help you maintain some wisdom when the bill collectors call you. While it is true that you will have to cope with the bills these tips can help you evade being harassed.

  • It is important that you address the copy prior to it becomes a dilemma. While paying the bill is the best, it is true that it is not always possible. It is significant, though; that you do not disregard the issue and expect it goes away. In order to evade having the debt turned over to a collection agency, you should call your creditor and clarify that you are not capable to pay the bill and tell them when you anticipate being able to pay.
  • In case you are not able to work a deal with your creditor, and the debt finish up with a harassing collection agency, write down a letter requesting the collector to stop contacting you. Under the FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collection attorneys and agencies must stop contacting you after getting a letter requesting that they give up. You should also point out any unlawful actions committed by the collector in this letter.
  • In case your letter fails to end the annoyance, a letter from a lawyer usually will. In addition, once you have hired a lawyer, the creditor’s attorney or collection agency must only converse to you through your lawyer. The other advantage of retaining an attorney is that they can assist you raise legal claims.
  • The ultimate solution is to file for bankruptcy. After you file the initial papers for bankruptcy, you are protected from collection activity automatically. The collector must first get consent from the bankruptcy court prior to it can carry on its collection efforts; and the court will not give permission to those seeking to collect unsecured debts.

As a leading collection agency, Brennan & Clark says that there is no law that says you have to communicate with a debt collector by phone. If you hang up on a debt collector they can do nothing about it.

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