May 2024

BLDC fans – The What, The Why, and The How


Today, as people are becoming aware of the pressing global energy crisis, the demand for energy-efficient appliances has scaled up significantly. Smart consumers now want high performance complemented by minimal energy usage. And what better an example of energy efficiency than a BLDC fan?

A BLDC fan uses brushless DC motors (BLDC motor); hence the name. These motors use permanent magnets, unlike the traditional brushed DC motors that use electromagnets. Four permanent magnets are mounted on the sides of the rotor in a  cross pattern arrangement. BLDC motors do not use a commutator or brush to operate, unlike their brushed DC counterpart.

BLDC fans are of two types – sensor and sensorless. While BLDC fans with sensor motors have a sensor that detects the position of the magnet, the sensorless motor uses back EMF to detect the position of the magnet.

How does a BLDC motor operate?

The motor of fans consist of two parts – a rotor and a stator. While the rotor makes up the moving part inside the motor, the stator refers to the stationary outer part of the motor. In a BLDC motor, the stator has a coil arrangement that gets energized as direct current passes through it. This results in the production of a magnetic field. The permanent magnet further creates another DC magnetic field that interacts with the opposing magnetic field produced by the stator, thereby inducing a rotating motion in the motor. By altering the current in the stator’s electromagnet, you can change the fan speed.

Why choose a BLDC fan?

  • The principal advantage of a BLDC fan is that they produce much less heat than induction motors. Due to this, there is minimal energy wastage. It is this quality that makes BLDC fans so efficient.
  • BLDC fans are comparatively more powerful with a higher dynamic response than fans with induction motors. Hence, BLDC fans are ideal for high-speed applications.
  • BLDC fans perform consistently even during voltage fluctuations.
  • They perform noiselessly
  • Unlike most conventional fan models, BLDC fans are very reliable and durable and do not become wobbly even after years of use.
  • These fans can perform three times longer even on an inverter’s battery power.

BLDC fans are a great investment for a home. So the ceiling fans online are affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket or electricity bill. Their excellent performance in terms of air delivery combined with their minimal energy consumption makes them the ideal cooling device for household, offices, etc., in tropical countries like India. These fans are known to cut down energy costs by almost 65%!

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