June 2024

Amazon Sales Rank Explained


Amazon sellers rank is a rather mysterious number that appears on each product’s listing on the site. It’s determined by an algorithm and updated hourly, but you can’t find out what the algorithm is or how exactly it’ll impact your sales.

What we do know is that the lower the number, the better, and that it’s a statistical measure of how well your book sells relative to other books in the same category. Theoretically, if you’re in the top 100 in your category, you should be selling lots of books.

Why does the Amazon sales rank fluctuate?

Therefore, one additional sale of your product might not lead immediately to an improvement in the sales rank for the category that is relevant to your product.

 If one assumes that products with a sales rank of 100,000+ are only sold once every few days, then even one sale can lead to a tenfold increase in sales ranking for this particular product at this precise point in time. This illustrates why you should never judge how well your listing is performing based on just one single data point!

Product Research: Find products with high demand

Product Research: Is there enough profit margin?

The second step in identifying products that are promising candidates for selling on Amazon is to check whether its price is high enough to make profit after deducting all fees and expenses associated with selling that specific item on Amazon.

Product Research: Is your supplier reliable?

Once you have selected several interesting items based on their BSR and price estimates, it’s time to take a look at the suppliers of these products and see if they are trustworthy and reliable. To do so you should use these tools:

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