June 2024

All You Need To Know About Shipping Containers


When you are out for travel, you might have seen big size rectangular or cubical boxes and wondered what this is? That was a container. There are different types and varieties of containers available like portable container, refrigerated container, dangerous goods containers, etc. They all have its specification. One such type of container is shipping containers which we are going to discuss in following points below.

What is this type of container?

This is the type of container which is used for transportation of a good from one place to another. Shipping items by freight is the most common use of containers. This type of containers can be made up of different types of material like wood, iron, etc.Goods to be transported in this type of container will depend on the type of good to be transported.

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This type of container is light weighted, waterproof, spacious so that goods can be transported without getting destroyed. It is convenient to transport furniture, tools, equipment from one nation to others or in the same country with very much ease.

Types of shipping containers

There are different types of shipping containers available which are discussed in below points;

  • 8 feet container:- This is typically the smallest type of container available in the market which is best for storing goods which require usuallycompact space. Because of its small size, it is extremely delicate,and it is effortless to transport compared to other big size containers.
  • 10 feet containers:- This is just 2 feet bigger than the 8 feet container which is ideal for storing material which ismore considerable than 8-feet but smaller than 10 feet. The most pleasing thing that can be transported in this type of container is furniture or equipment of large machines.
  • 20 feet container:- This container is just double the size of 10 feet container. It is the type of container which is most common for transportation. This type of container has a good amount of space in it which is ideal for most of the goods which are transported. This type of container is equally present with doors in it for ease in loading and unloading of goods.
  • 20 feet high cube container:- It is clear by its name 20 feet high cube means it is of 20 feet but in its height. This type of container is ideal for the transportation of goods of height around 20 feet. This container is stronger than the previous one discussed.
  • 40 feet high cube container:- This is the vastest size container available, which is ideal for the transportation of goods which are big as it possesses a large amount of space in it.

The previous discussion told you all you need to know about shipping containers which might aid you in future transportation of goods and choosing the ideal container for you.

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