July 2024

5 Tips to Maximise the Co-branded Credit Card Reward Points


Credit cards that help you earn reward points are great if you know how to make the best use of the available benefits and offers. Read this post to know five expert tips on how you can maximise the reward points of your credit card and enjoy more benefits, discounts, and offers.

Most banks and card companies in India now have loyalty programs where the customers get to earn reward points for using their credit cards. The accumulated reward points then provide access to a host of offers, discounts, lifestyle benefits, flying benefits, and more. Unfortunately, a lot of credit card users are not fully aware of these benefits or the best way to access them.

If you are using one such reward points credit card or planning to apply for one soon, here are five expert tips to help you make the best use of such credit cards-

  1. Select a Card As Per Your Spending Type

Do you regularly shop from a particular online store? Do you generally prefer to fly with the same airline? If you do, then it’d be better to select a co-branded credit card that offers maximum reward points and benefits for your preferred brand, online store, or air carrier.

You can look for credit cards that better match your spending habits so that you can earn more reward points every time you use your card.

  1. Use the Credit Card for Daily Expenses

A simple way to earn more reward points is to use your credit card for everyday expenses. Something as simple as paying utility bills, grocery shopping, or refuelling your vehicle can help you earn reward points.

All of these everyday spends are anyways part of your monthly budget. But rather than paying for them in cash or with a debit card, you can use your credit card and earn more reward points.

  1. Check the Welcome Bonus

If you are still browsing through credit cards, do check the welcome bonus available with the card. It is a smart and straightforward way to collect a lot of reward points. In most cases, the welcome bonus is unlocked when you use your credit card for the first time or if your monthly spend reaches a particular limit.

But make sure that you do check the terms and conditions of the credit card as some of the cards with high welcome bonus have a higher annual fee.

  1. Know All the Different Ways to Earn Reward Points

 From online/offline shopping, dining, hotel bookings, flight tickets, to even renting a car, modern credit cards let you earn reward points in several ways. A smart credit card user is one who is well aware of all the different ways in which the reward points can be accumulated.

So, even if you fly regularly and have selected a frequent flying program co-branded credit card, you should still know all the different ways, apart from flying, that could help you earn more reward points.

  1. Add an Authorised User to Your Credit Card

Another way to increase your credit card spends and earn more reward points is to add an authorized user to your card. Needless to say, the card spends will be more when two people use the same credit card.

But note that you will be responsible for paying the credit card bill every month. So, it is better to add your spouse, children, or someone from your family as an authorized user.  It’d be great if the authorized user too knows the different ways of earning credit card reward points.

 Being a Smart Co-branded Credit Card User

If your aim this year is to maximize reward points of your co-branded credit card, the tips discussed in this post are sure to help.

Just make sure that you use your credit card responsibly and check the terms and conditions so that you can make the best use of the available discounts and offers.

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