September 2023

The Basics Of Using Liquid Lipsticks


When it comes to lipsticks there are endless varieties to choose from. Not only the shades and colors but there are different forms of lipsticks that are available these days. There are gloss lipsticks to bring on the shine, there are matte ones that gives a subtle look, there are pastel shades that lasts long but never goes overboard, and then there are liquid lipsticks because they can last really long.

Most women look for liquid lipsticks these days when they are looking for lipsticks online because they come with glossy and matte sheen together which one cannot find in other traditional lip colors.  This type of lipstick can last the entire day as they are smudge proof and they also do not fade fast. But yes, one needs to follow a few things when they are choosing liquid lipsticks as a part of their daily makeup routine.

Things that one should do

Choosing to apply liquid lipsticks mean, one has to take very good care of their lips.

  • It is necessary to prepare the lips before one uses any lip products on them. One needs to exfoliate their lips – at least once a week with the help of a soft toothbrush or a light lip scrub. This can remove the dead cells and the flaky skin accumulated on the lips. On an exfoliated lip – the liquid lipstick will have a smooth surface to be applied on. Before applying the lipstick, one has to apply a moisturizing lip balm so that it can prevent the lips from drying out faster.
  • Before applying the lipstick – one has to apply a lip liner that complements the color of the liquid lipstick. The liner will provide a well-defined lip shape. Not only that, it also stops the lipstick from feathering to other parts apart from the lips. Outlining the contour of the lips and then filling them with lipstick is the best way to apply them.
  • A good-quality liquid lipstick is always highly pigmented and hence they need to be applied sparingly. It is a good idea to let the color build up gradually than applying a thick layer at first. One must use them in small layers and each application needs to be dried before one applies another. This method can help the lipstick to not break after a few hours.
  • One has to give enough time to the liquid lipsticks to dry out. This can take a couple of minutes and one must avoid touching or squeezing the lips in-between. This can interfere with the drying and make the application uneven. Liquid lipstick application needs a bit f patience so that it can last the entire day.
  • Once the liquid lipstick is dried – then one can sprinkle a bit of translucent powder on it so that it can last even longer. This can also mattify the finish and lock the color so that it can stay all day preventing any transfer.

Things that one should not do

  • One should never apply liquid lipsticks on dried and chapped lips because then the dryness comes out ruling out the color in a few hours. One must use a lip balm before that.
  • To endure the smoothness of a liquid lipstick – one has to use a lip primer before that. Applying a lip primer makes the lips smooth and when the lipstick is applied – it adheres better because of the smoother surface. Also, they never set on tiny lines.
  • One must not pull their lips too tightly and if one is tempted to overdraw the lips to give it a more prominent appearance – one should stop themselves from doing that. One must not put too much of it because overdoing will always ned up with an unrealistic result and it will take away the natural shape of the lips.
  • Once the lipstick gets dried one has to avoid rubbing the lips because it can peel off or fade the color if they are touched constantly. Also, removing the extra liquid is very necessary.

Choosing the right lip color is very important. There are endless shades when it comes to liquid lipsticks. One has to choose the shade depending on their skin tone. While choosing a hue when searching for lipstick online – one has to take their undertones into account. One can choose warm undertone colors like peach, coral or brick red if they have warm undertones. If one has cool undertones, then they can go for colors like purple, berry, and mauve.

Just like the way of applying liquid lipsticks is important and one needs to follow proper steps – one also needs to remove the lipstick everyday after they come home. They must be removed softly by using a makeup remover or micellar water. One can soak a cotton pad in the liquid and rub it on the lips to wipe the lipstick away. After that, one needs to apply a light moisturizer on the lips so that they can stay hydrated.

Storing is important

Not only buying and applying – but one also needs to know how to store the liquid lipsticks in the right manner. One has to keep them away from direct sunlight because hear and light can damage the color and pigmentation. Storing it in a cool and dry area always makes sense. Always check that the caps are fastened properly so that the lip color never dries out. Also, one must not use a lip color if the expiry date is crossed because it can be harmful for the skin.

These days, lipsticks are not only use for one purpose but one can use them for other makeup purposes as well. One can use any warm colored lip tint as a blush. Be it warm pink or nude brown – they go really well as a blush while one is doing minimal makeup. One can also use crème or matte lipsticks as eyeshadow shades if they are lacking a proper eyeshadow palette. But given that, no matter what variety of lipsticks one buy – they must store it well.

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